Jason Hess

Jason Hess

ER Precision Optical

  • Title
    Vice President of Operations
  • FPC Position
    Board Member


Jason Hess is currently Vice-President of Operations at ERPOC. He has over 16 years experience in the photonics industry that includes the following: (i) Extensive involvement in the Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) for ERPOCs approval on the JSF program for LMCO Missiles and Fire Control; (ii) Member of the Senior Affiliates Program for CREOL (UCF); (iii) Helped ERPOC obtain and maintain all of its certifications for the past 10 years; (iv) Member of APOMA, SPIE, and other organizations in the Optics and Photonics Industry. Recipient of the William Schwartz award in 2011 as well as major involvement in ERPOCs 25% growth and expansion in 2010.

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